Last Updated On 2020/07/10

This page is updated with current(ish) information. It might wind up being an afterthought, or it might wind up being super useful. I suppose we shall see. So far it looks like it’ll be an afterthought. :/


Hollywood, Florida

Current Events

Well huh. I sold my original boat at a loss, but I’m okay with it. We knew it wouldn’t work for even this early stage. We rented a place, and started compiling lists of sailboats. Each boat we looked at allowed us to get more specific with our needs. It turns out actually setting foot on a functional boat is extremely useful. We kept looking. A global pandemic was declared. We still looked.

We sailed a Pearson 35, and really liked a Pearson 365 we looked at. The price was a bit high, though. We had another one on our list, but the priority was low. But then the price dropped. Significantly. We went and looked at the boat. She was in a marina, so no dinghy ride, and all the electricity one could want. The boat was fitted with a monster AC unit. A couple of weeks of negotiation and transferring money in batches, and we moved onboard, in the middle of a pandemic. And here we have been since.

I’ve been bad at updating this page, and the blog. I’ll do my best to get better, but actually doing things in life take priority over logging things in life. I’d apologize, but I won’t.