Well that didn’t work…

Okay, last post here was more than a year ago and I have more drafts than published posts. So obviously, I’m quite good at starting these articles, but I really suck at the follow through. This is sort of my thing, as I come up with all kinds of great initial generic ideas, and then as I start the execution, I want it to be even better. Looking at the potential blinds me to the reality. And then I move on, having never completed anything, but more interested in the next thing.

What happens when one does this with a blog? Well, take a look here. You eventually get banned from the Amazon Associates program because only friends and family use the link. Even a year or two later (and I don’t know if it’s tied to the bank account or the amazon account), and they will begin the setup, and then reject you. Kind of annoying. Also, you forget to keep your site updated. When I came back, there were a plethora of major updates that needed to be done. One of the drafts I have is all the things to do to get a decent wordpress site setup. Plugins, functionality, etc. And I stopped halfway through that one too! 15 years ago, in 2020, I implemented a poorly thought out execution of a mailing list, and was inundated with a bunch of Russian bots extremely interested in what I have to say. I’m afraid I probably disappointed them. Although, after the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War this year, caused in no small part by Putin watching some video that made him feel like he was ill-equipped to send unsolicited dick pics except for comedic purposes, I don’t really care about the feelings of Russian bots. I think I got something like 1400 bots that signed up.

What happens when one does this on a boat? Oh dear, it’s much worse, and sometimes dangerous too. Also inconvenient as all hell. When you leave a job you started undone on a boat, the functionality is unavailable until you finish it. So all of a sudden, there is a system that doesn’t work. I can point to two separate things I recently started that has caused some issues, and if anyone actually reads this, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on it. The first job was when we had a failure of our original hot water heater. On our first sail, this poor water heater that had been living happily in a protected marina for years did not appreciate the amount of motion a boat gets in the Gulf Stream, and between the rust and the sloshing water, the walls gave out. When we arrived at our location, I took out the water heater. And without the ends of the hoses capped, the pressure water system wouldn’t work. So for some time (probably a month or two), only the foot pump in the galley (with it’s ridiculous faucet that is so close to the edge of the sink that it was a challenge rinsing anything but a plate) provided our water. The other time this caused issues was when I upgraded our battery bank to LiFePo4. I took the old system out, and then started building the battery box. This was also my first fiberglassing job, so it took a couple of weeks in which we didn’t have a functioning 12v system, and only had passthrough 120v from shore power. It is never a good idea to have a non-functioning bilge pump, and the knowledge of that fact certainly created a constantly present low-level of stress.

Neither of these options are super great, and they are only caused by my lack of knowledge and ridiculous tendency to procrastinate. With the vast majority of the body of knowledge acquired by humanity freely (and sometimes easily), lack of knowledge can be overcome in only a matter of time. But that procrastination…oof. That can get dangerous. It’s something that I’m aware of, and isn’t really an issue when I meditate regularly, but I keep putting off the meditation too. It’s a challenge, but I’ll get there.

I host this site on Google Cloud, so I actually pay for it. I host a few different sites and applications, and while it’s not super expensive (I don’t think I’ve paid more than $15/month), even that money leaving my account can’t shock me into action. Honestly, I’m primarily intrinsically motivated. I’m too narcissistic to care that much about the external world if I can’t control it.

Perhaps setting myself a writing goal will be enough to keep this blog lively. I’ve actually got two books (one fiction, one non-fiction) in progress, but that’s a process in which the rewards are really only realized upon completion, and that won’t be this year. To that end, I think I’m going to set myself a goal.

There are 37 weeks left in 2022 as of the time of this writing. I will personally (the better half might do some too, although most of her effort is going towards her Jelly Good Designs subsite). publish 37 good posts by the end of the year. That’s right around 1 per week, and I’ll do my best to be consistent, although I will allow for the possibility of 37 posts getting published the week of Christmas.


So feel free to comment here if you want. I’ll most likely respond. For now, I’ve got my goal set, and now comes the part where I get to follow through.

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