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They say that no man is an island, and all that. I think I’ve actually written multiple blog posts with that exact title, discussing the exact same thing. This is a bit more specific, and I am actually not doing this particular blog alone, so hopefully I’ll stick with it, and this will be the last time I have to write about how even as lonely as one feels, there are influences everywhere around us. For me, it’s content I consume. Books, movies, TV shows, and YouTube Videos. I’m going to start with the Youtube videos, because they have meant a lot. I’m not going to say they are my inspiration, although I probably wouldn’t correct you if you said so. The truth is that I am not running towards a damn thing right now, I’m running away. These are the people who would inspire me to run towards something, and I’m hopeful enough that I am doing what I can to position myself to maybe be inspired enough to do something amazing.

YouTube Channels

(I will get this cleaned up as they deserve later – for now just search for them on Youtube)

  • Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose
  • Sailing SV Delos
  • Sailing Uma
  • RAN Sailing
  • Sailing followtheboat
  • Vet Tails’ Sailing Chuffed
  • Sailing Nandji
  • Sailing Good, Bad, Ugly
  • Gone with the Wynns
  • MJ Sailing
  • Sailing Project Atticus
  • Sailing Millenial Falcon
  • WindHippieSailing

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