A mailing list!

I find myself depending quite a bit on email notifications for blogs, since I never bothered trying to find an alternative to Google Reader, and haven’t yet configured the news functionality of Calibre (which uses recipes to compile all RSS feeds into an ebook on a regular basis, essentially a custom newspaper). To that end, I actually went and set up the ability to subscribe.

Now, eventually, this might turn into something bigger, but I’m not sure. For now, feel free to subscribe, and you’ll be updated when a new post is made. I don’t do social media as of right now, but I do plan to make some youtube videos (which will have their own corresponding blog post, similar to Gone With The Wynns, whom I have already used extensively). We won’t ever sell your information, or spam you.

[email-subscribers-form id=”3″]

And yes, I know that I’m not following best practices with a blog post. Things like a featured image, more pictures, well thought out text, etc. But I want to get this out.

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