To the water

I find myself currently barreling East across the United States. I had all kinds of ideas as to how this might go. As I have a tendency to do, a bunch of different scenarios came to mind. However, as I strive to start this next phase of my life, I very much want to avoid that moving forward. I am no optimist, and while I can easily justify the value of being prepared to handle really shitty situations, that has lately become all that goes on in my head, and I can’t quite figure out how to keep the value of being prepared for bad things without it preventing me from seeing the good things. To that end, I’m doing my best, at least for this specific journey, to not worry about what could go wrong. I have to admit, this is a bit frightening. While I haven’t actually done something as extreme as the captains who burn their fleet upon finding land to provide motivation, I have essentially considered everything I left behind to be permanently gone. I’ve got nothing but what I can carry, and that’s all. I am assuming I have everything that I need to succeed, and some more stuff that will allow me to document my journey.

I’m currently shooting some stuff like a super rough standard adventure vlog. This isn’t necessarily the style I want to go with, and it’s actually pretty annoying while traveling via bus. I also have my GoPro Karma drone (takes up a stupid amount of space with that pack, but the pack is really nice on it’s own), my Moto X(4) phone with Google Fi, my workhorse Dell Precision 7720, one pair of pants for interviews, one polo shirt for interviews, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts, 1 hawaiian shirt, and some flip flops (crappy ones. I lost my damn Xero Shoes). $200 in cash, $200 in my bank account. That’s it. That is what I am using to build this life.

I actually meant to start that last paragraph to expand on the exact reason I am currently a bit frightened. Instead, I think I wound up providing a glimpse into what it looks like when I actually manage to focus on what is instead of what may be. Now, my very first bus was 3 hours late, and things haven’t been that much better as far as timeliness goes. However, I checked my big bag (with the drone, my clothes, etc), and only have the stuff required for a decent bus ride with me. No big deal, but this last spot we stopped at was the only time the luggage compartment was opened, and I did not visually confirm the bag is in there. If it was just regular people poking around, that would be one thing, and I probably wouldn’t be worried about it at all. Unfortunately, greyhound bus stations aren’t necessarily an assembly place of upstanding members of society. There were cops everywhere. US Marshalls, and I think regular police in plains clothes. So with the drug dogs crawling over everything, the cops tearing through the contents of some luggage, Missouri wasn’t sending her best people. I actually watched one of them misplace his badge…that was on a lanyard around his neck!! So I definitely think it’s a real possibility the one time I should have made visual confirmation, that would be the time when some idiot would set what is essentially my life off to the side, forget about it, and I’d never see it again. But, I don’t actually know.

And instead of focusing on it, even when I was writing about focusing on it, I had already identified that there is no way of confirming the existence of an issue until we stop, and no need to think of how I might solve this. That’s big for me.

Edit: I did check, and there was absolutely no actual reason to worry. Nothing lost so far.

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