The Gear

I have been called a very bad minimalist. Also, an extremely bad blogger. And an even worse capitalist. I’ll write about what I know, what I’ve done, and what I think. Honestly, while I will never change my content for money, this particular page is also all about the referrals*. Nothing I post here (when I actually get to it) will cost you a damn thing. It also is just links, so you won’t miss anything if you use an adblocker (which you should most definitely do). I will get a cut, or something like that. And this page is so that I can show you what works, what doesn’t, and why, in my own experience.

I’m actually going to do my best to create a more in-depth post for each of these items, and keep it updated as a report card, so I can see how things hold up over time.

*Okay, this has turned out to be a good list so I can write posts about certain things.

Let’s get to the stuff now!

Dinghy –

Slide Hammer


Cooktop –

Cookware –

Refrigeration –

Microwave Convection Oven – .9 cuft 1.2 –



Lithium Bank –

Inverter/Charger –

Battery Monitor – BMV-712 –



Miscellaneous Tools