Mostly self-indulgent navel-gazing, usually accompanied by or triggered by some kind of altered state.

Todo list – Attempt #7

What this post was supposed to be… Let’s start at the basics. I over-complicate things. For example, I already know that due to Season 1 of the Sailing Stories podcast (which was their own audio adaptation of Brave Or Stupid, by Tracey Christiansen, Carl Andersson, Yanne Larsson), our living document will be called “The Effin’ …

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Boat Life is busy life

I just realized that the last actual post I wrote was way back in October. The last update was that I got a job to support us, and the better half followed me out. She made it here just in time for Halloween. There hasn’t been much happening since, right? I mean, 2020 seems like …

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Here we go

All right folks. Shit’s about to get weird. It may even stay like that. Something happened to me, something I have described elsewhere. A perspective shift, at its most basic. An idea, a feeling, a sense of one foot in this world, and one foot in something…else. Also, an overwhelming desire to write about it. …

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